This document will show how to create custom(er) requested User Defined Fields inside Resolve - PTaaS.

Begin by navigating to and entering the Admin Module.

Then select Application > Entity Settings

Select the entity or field that you would like to add a UDF to, for this example we will use 'Finding'.
Select the field or entity, then select "Add Property" from the upper right hand corner:

Create a name for the UDF, and select the Property Type, define if it is mandatory or optional to fill in, and add a tool tip. 

There are a few different data types that we can use for the property types, they are explained below:
Integer - an integer, numerical value only
Date - a date on a calendar 

Select - will create a dropdown that you can fill in to create answers and also color code: 

Multi-select - is the same as above but you can select more than one option at a time / make a list 

URL - allows you to set a URL that will create a hyperlink 

email- a users email

HTML - a rich text area that allows images and formatting

text area - a comment or text box limited to text only 

phone number - a phone number 

toggle switch - a binary "on or off" toggle

text - similar to text area but with more space and no formatting 

Allowing Access to the Created UDF: 

If you created a UDF for Instances:

You will need to then tell the Role associated with your users that they can access it. For example, if your user has "NetSpi Consultant - Workbench" role assigned, you must now edit the "NetSpi Consultant - Workbench" role as seen below: 

Then save your changes (top right corner).
Once you have added the proper access to the role, you should be able to see the new UDF on the project from any account that has that role associated with the User Group.