When performing actions in Resolve that require a non-instant amount of time to complete, they are executed as asynchronous (async) jobs. Async jobs are separated by module and can be viewed by navigating to either Track > Async Jobs or Workbench > Async Jobs.

Viewing async jobs

Each async job consists of sub tasks that split the work into smaller chunks. For example, when updating 10 thousand instances each sub task may update 1 thousand findings each.

Selecting any job in the grid will open the Async Jobs Details page, presenting you with information and status on each sub task. If any errors were encountered in a subtask they will be in a state of Failed, which will present you with the error messages by clicking on it.

Supported async jobs

  • Bulk editing findings and instances
  • Bulk CSV export
Upcoming async jobs include scan file import, bulk editing of all entities, and large workspace operations!

Downloading Export Files

Large CSV exports are commonly executed as Async Jobs. To download the completed result, select the most recent "Bulk Export" row:

and select the file in the Download(s) section: