The Data Lab allows you to interactively explore data in the Resolve platform by providing an easy format for grouping and trending information. You can view the Data Lab by going to Track > Data Lab. Start exploring data by clicking Create Query.


The following entities are supported in the Data Lab

  • Projects
  • Findings
  • Instances
  • Assets

Data Formats

Data formats determine how data should be output in the data lab. Each data format helps analyze information in different formats.

Data Table

The data table format presents information in tabular form. The table will automatically have a count column added providing the aggregate counts for the selected columns.

Upcoming data formats include Line Graph, Bar Chart, and Info Card

Configure Data

You can Add table columns that you are authorized for on each entity by selecting the Add table column selector.

You can assign a Display Name to each column to override the output name of the selected Metric. Each Metric represents a column on the chosen entity. Numeric and Date metrics will allow you to apply Metric Formats of Default, Min, Max, and for date metrics, Trending. If the trending format is selected, a Time series of Months or Years can be chosen.

For example, to trend the remediation date of findings month-over-month, the following configurations can be selected:

Default Sort and Maximum Table Size options can also be configured to tailor the output to your needs. 

Note: You must Edit the Name field " Untitled Data Output " with your query name of choice in order to save your Query. 

Filter Output

Filtering output will allow you to make Data Lab queries for specific groups, e.g. Findings by severity filtered for only the I.T. Business Unit. Filters follow the same format as the Grid Filters.